Thursday, July 12, 2012

What games can the OUYA run?

Some of the first comments I saw about the OUYA on Redit and Google+ were that the project was doomed to fail because there won't be any games for it. One bright spark reminded me of all the failed consoles of the '90s, but unlike all of those flops, the OUYA already has an extensive game library to choose from. Even with what is available today the OUYA would be able to launch successively and give users more bang for buck than other console launches have done in the past. That might seem to be quite a bold statement ... let me convince you.

Being an open platform anything that works or has been designed for the current Android operating system (and many of its previous versions) will run on the OUYA. Developers designing new games will have the piece of mind that their product will not only be available on the OUYA but also available on a slew of other mobile platforms running the same hardware. By that I am referring to the Tegra 3 chip that is already found in numerous laptops and tablets not to mention the Google Nexus 7 tablet that has already accepted pre-orders and will be available by the end of July. So the appeal for developers to work on the combined platform of Android plus the Tegra 3 is very strong.

Now here are some examples of what has already been developed:

To experience the quality of Tegra 3 graphics, watch this video in HD. Take note of the water details and lighting effects. Also notice just how many different games are included in this video.

MADFINGER Games, creators of SHADOWGUN-- the third person shooter blockbuster, today announces the beginning of a new property -- DEAD TRIGGER. With DEAD TRIGGER, a ground breaking first person zombie shooter, MADFINGER Games continues to produce games with unparalleled and outstanding graphics paired with user-friendly game play on mobile devices.

DEAD TRIGGER is going to be released in June on both iOS and Android mobile devices. On NVIDIA Tegra 3 you'll get exclusive effects like enhanced ragdoll physics, advanced water, fluid and particle effects.
For more information, check out NVIDIA's blog here

Dark Kingdom is a Diablo style game that has become popular on tablets. The Tegra 3 runs this baby with no problems at all and playing it on a 63 inch TV will be great fun.

The classic Dark Kingdom role-playing gaming title has gone mobile. In Dark Kingdom, you play  the hero of the nation and find the whereabouts of the missing father at the tower of gods. You collect spirit stones and rune stones to upgrade weapons, armory and skills.

Along your journey, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of higher-polygon models, dynamic shadows, dynamic lighting and even rag-doll physics.

This next game is one the kids are going to love and although the video is short it demonstrates the graphics quality and lighting effects you'll experience in gameplay. Although these games look great on a mobile device, they will look better on a big screen TV. If you've got kids you may want to keep Eden to GREEEEN off the OUYA, otherwise you might not get a chance to use it yourself!

Just because a game is free doesn’t mean it should skimp on the gaming experience. Eden to GREEEEN THD is hitting the “freemium” gaming scene with high-quality textures, quad-core scaling and more detailed models – all built on the Unreal Engine.

In the game, alien machines from another planet have come to swipe Eden’s natural resources. They’ve all but destroyed the beautiful setting, and only a handful of flora still survive. Euphoria, the natural energy of Eden needed for life to survive is dwindling fast.

This next game looks to be console gaming at its best. if you like Marios, Sonic the Hedgehog or any jumping puzzle style game then Hamilton's Great Adventure will be sure to entertain you.

The epic strategy/puzzle game Hamilton’s Great Adventure has you tackling daring, new levels with your trusty sidekick, Sasha the bird. You’ll be navigating fully dynamic levels that rival what you’d experience on the PC version of the game.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure has been adapted from Bitsquid’s DirectX 11 engine with Tegra 3 optimizations and quad-core scaling.

The best way to find titles for a Tegra 3 tablet or console like OUYA is to check out TegraZone which is NVIDIA's app/game "store" but all purchase/download links actually take you to the Android Market.

So dispelling the myth that the OUYA wouldn't have any games for it upon launch is a very easy thing to do.

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